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‘World’s Longest Yard Sale’ – 127 Yard Sale this weekend

From Local 3 News: Vendors have already started setting up tents and nabbing spaces for the 2023 edition of the 127 Yard Sale, which is also known as ‘The World’s Longest Yard Sale.’


Stretching from Addison, MI southward to Gadsden, AL, the 690 mile route traverse’s Tennessee, slips through the northwest corner of Georgia and ends in Alabama.


The section that winds though Lookout Mountain is a little tricky for those unfamiliar with the area, so locals should be mindful of visitors on the roads that weekend.


Started in 1987 by Mike Walker, a former Fentress County Executive in Jamestown, TN, the sale began as a way to encourage travelers to not take the interstate highways such as I-40 and I-75 and slow down to enjoy the more scenic routes that would take them through rural communities and allow them to experience what the small towns and cities had to offer.


Besides the fun of participating (as a shopper or vendor) the route boasts state parks, historical attractions, scenic drives, waterfalls and more.


Below you’ll find maps and more on the event.