Meet Our Staff

Steve Hartline – Owner of Station and Mix Mornings Host

Steve Hartline has been known as the voice of Mix 104.1 for over 19 years, but he’s been with WCLE for most of his life.  Steve has been recognized as the “Communicator of the Year” from the Cleveland Media Association and “Communication Alumni of the Year” in 2015 from Lee University. He was awarded the Cleveland State Community First Business Person of The Year Award in 2021 and the “Small Business Award” from the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce in 2020. Steve knew he wanted to be a radio personality ever since he was a little boy, he used to interview his dog with sticks. He had always been fascinated with radio personalities growing up, and found that his passion for it was ‘like breathing’.  Since his senior year of high school at Cleveland High, Steve has been a familiar face in the WCLE station. As a senior, he did janitorial work, office work, and was a board operator for the station. He caught his ‘big break’ when he was able to be on air at the age of 15 and even ran commercials for a Braves game on behalf of the station. Throughout his collegiate years, Steve majored in Telecommunications and continued at WCLE as a sports announcer for Lee University and Cleveland State’s basketball and baseball teams. Upon graduation, Steve became full-time at WCLE by hosting shows and announcing Walker Valley Football games. In 2008, Steve and his wife Jennifer bought WCLE and have been the owner ever since. Aside from their small business ‘child’, he and Jennifer share two children, Reagan and Holden. Steve’s ‘favorite children are the family pets, a multi-poo named Annie, and their cat Baby.  Steve is fully himself on-air and loves to have a good time with listeners. When not on the radio, Steve enjoys playing tennis, watching movies, and loves to read an awful lot. He claims that the key to his heart has always been and always will be chocolate. And yes, his voice has always “been like that”.


Bridget Forrester – Account Executive / Mix Mornings and Mix Midday Personality

Bridget Forrester co-hosts our ‘Mix Morning’ broadcast and has been a part of WCLE for 15 years.   She found her niche for production media locally at Bradley Highschool where she was an anchor on the school’s morning show, ‘WBHS’. From there, she attended Middle Tennessee State University where she earned a BS Degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Radio/TV. During her collegiate career, she worked at a production company called ‘Tri-Vision Productions’ where she edited TV commercials.  Briget began her time at WCLE in August of 2006 when she met her future co-host, Steve Hartline, who offered her the traffic reporter position at the station. Within a year, Bridget was full-time in sales and the co-host of ‘Mix Morning’.  She and her husband Brandon reside in Cleveland with their two children, Olivia and Owen. Her house is also shared by two English bulldogs named Bo and Lola that enjoy a good nap out in the sun.  Bridget loves to laugh, especially when Steve is outsmarted on air. When ordering a steak, Bridget prefers it “mooing”. The steak has to be perfectly cooked to medium-rare. She’s a sports enthusiast whose heart belongs to the Braves and the Vols.


Ashley Flowers – Account Executive & Event Coordinator

Ashley Flowers has been a part of the WCLE family for 15 years because it was a “good fit” from the beginning.  She is an alumnus of Soddy-Daisy High School and Chattanooga State Community College. Her experience in the studio hailed back to doing sales at Chattanooga Clear Channel Radio. From there, she joined the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce where she spent 15 years as an ambassador there. It was through Chamber that she was able to connect with WCLE and join our team.  Ashley and her husband Justin have two children, Hunter and Logan, as well as three stepchildren, Jasper, Memphis, and Easten. Even though she does not currently have a dog, she plans on getting one soon.  The only sushi Ashley will eat is a shrimp tempura roll called the “American Dream Roll”. She loves to be outside in the sunshine and loves any outdoor activity. She is also a sports fan and especially enjoys college football and the Master’s Tournament. 



Dewayne Williams – Operations Manager / ESPN Cleveland Afternoon Host

Dewayne Williams’ voice had been heard around the community long before WCLE as a caller for sporting and PA events. Dewayne joined WCLE’s team about 8 years ago, and has fallen in love with it ever since.  Dewayne was born in Chattanooga and raised in Florida, but returned to Cleveland when he was 20 because Cleveland was the ‘best place to raise a family. Now he never wants to leave. Upon arriving in Cleveland, Dewayne bought his first business as a manager for Family Entertainment Centers. He specialized in skating and bowling places, and even started the ‘Great Escape’ escape room in Bradley Square Mall. As a result of calling for sporting and PA events, Dewayne was asked to join WCLE as the operations manager. Dewayne accepted right away and sold his entertainment businesses. Dewayne has been married to his wife Karen for 30 years. They have two married daughters named Ashlyn and Brittany. Dewayne and Karen own two cats, Nemo and Oreo, who fight like brothers. He also has a grandson named  Wristen and his grandcat named Bear. Dewayne’s favorite part about WCLE is participating in the ‘Empty Stocking Fund’ and seeing how the community comes together to solve a universal problem. Dewayne loves spending time with his family, and loves to weightlift in his spare time. He also loves all kinds of music.


Mike Lee – Account Executive / Mix Afternoon Drive Host

Mike Lee joined the Mix 104.1 family in January of 2024, but he is no stranger to the Cleveland Community. Many people remember Mike from his long-time run as the co-host of Mike & Ed in the Morning at Alive 95 from 1994 to 2008. Mike also did the afternoon show on J-103 in Chattanooga from 2009-2012. Mike retired temporarily from radio after a battle with thyroid cancer in 2012. Mike was a long-haul truck driver from 2012 until the beginning of 2024. Mike has been married to his wife Trish for 35 years and enjoys spending time with his family. His daughter Melinda, his grandson Tanner, and his recently born great grandson Matthew, 
Currently, you can hear Mike Lee in the afternoons from 3:00 – 6:00 on Mix 104.1 FM as the host of the Mix Afternoon Drive.  



Yvette G. Bahn – Fiesta 99.1 FM Station Director & Morning Drive Host

Yevette G. Bahn was a part of a trailblazing team of women that started the first Spanish station in Cleveland in 2000. She now serves as the host of ‘Fiesta’, and loves connecting with her listeners bilingually.  Yvette moved to the U.S. from Venezuela when she was 18 years old, and picked up the English language within the span of 6 months. In between her time at WCLE and moving here, Yvette was a fitness instructor for 14 years, served as a client service representative for Credit Bureau Services (now Check Into Cash), and did Pharmaceutical Research at Cherokee Pharmacy. After retiring from Mckee Foods, Yvette was invited back to WCLE to be the host of Fiesta.  She and her husband Stephen share their daughter, Jordan, along with two stepchildren named Tyler and Christina. Yvette has a special place in her heart for her granddaughter Piper, her rat terrier Daisy Mae, and her granddog Jasper.  When not on the radio, Yvette enjoys several different fitness activities like Synergy and pilates. She also loves to drive, especially to go see her granddaughter in Nashville. In her spare time in the past, Yvette served as the assistant choir director for the children’s choir at First Baptist Cleveland, and she was a recruiter for Girls Scouts in 18 counties. 


 – Fiesta 99.1 On-Air Personality







Austin Chadwick – Production Manager / Mix Mornings on Mix TV Producer

Austin Chadwick has been with WCLE since July of 2020 and has introduced ‘MixTV’ to the station through his efforts. Originally majoring in web and graphic design, Austin quickly found his knack for radio and TV broadcasting at Chattanooga State. There he was able to join the college’s radio station, Wawl, and DJ once a week. It was at a football game for the Chattanooga Mocs that he was able to ‘switch’ for 20 minutes of the game that kick-started Austin’s interest in broadcasting. Austin was able to maintain an internship at News 12 and was eventually hired. During his 9 years with the WDEF, he worked his way up the job ladder to become the lead technical director. It was the summer of 2020 when the vision of MixTV was constructed between Austin and Steve Hartline in the empty halls of the newest building for WCLE. Since then, MixTV has served viewers alongside our radio source, and has improved the station as a whole drastically. Austin was so enthusiastic about joining us at WCLE that he met with our team 18 hours after his wedding, and has shown the same initiative throughout his time here.  Austin and his wife, Devin, have two children. The family also shares a boxer named Albi and an aquarium.  Austin has been called ‘the glue’ of his family because he loves to host people for cookouts, Christmas parties, or just to have a good time. He loves to serve, especially at Church of the Harvest where he is a youth leader and the media director. His ultimate favorite snack is oreo, only the original kind- not the double stuff. 


Gideon Ratcliff – Mix TV Production Services / Master Editor

Gideon Ratcliff started for WCLE in the Spring of 2019 as a part-time Board Operator till the summer of 2021 when he was given the role of MixTV producer.  Gideon stumbled upon his interest for production when he was accidentally put in a production class his freshman year of high school at Bradley High. With the help of his father, who did media for Perry Stone, Gideon learned the ins and outs of TV production. From there, Gideon attended Chattanooga State and majored in Mass Communication with a focus on TV Production. When the position opened to work for Mix 104.1 in 2019, Gideon’s high school A/V teacher recommended him for the job, and he has been with us ever since.  Gideon’s parents, Jennifer and Scott have been influential figures in his life along with his grandparents, Linda and Ernie. He credits his support system to his two sisters, Estee and Rebecca, who also pursue creative careers in art, writing, and music.  Gideon is a committed worker, especially when it comes to editing projects. He is a hands-on learner, which explains his interest in building models of things like, his favorite, the FA-78 Gundome Thunderbolt. He is also trying his hand at music by learning guitar from his dad



Sheridan Gaither – Communications Coordinator / Receptionist

Sheridan Gaither has served as the Communications Coordinator for WCLE for the past 2 years. Sheridan attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, to major in Communications. She credits her support system to her parents, Marie & Harold, who both also serve in the communications industry. Sheridan joined the WCLE team because the idea of working for a small business, where collaborating with a great team to serve the community, appealed greatly. 





Ryan Felton – WCLE Radio Traffic Manager

Ryan Felton began his career with WCLE as an intern and Board Operator for the first 3 years, then returned in 2019. He has been the traffic manager since 2020.  Ryan was a part of the A/V program at Walker Valley, and found his drive for production during his time on the school’s news network, The Spill. After his internship, Ryan moved to Lenoir City to be a part of Scripts Network for 6 years. When Scripts Network was bought out by the Discovery Network, Ryan moved back to Cleveland to rejoin WCLE.  Ryan’s parents, Rudy and Debbie, both served and still serve as teachers in the Cleveland area.  Ryan wears the title of ‘nerd’ like a badge of honor because of his love for Star Wars and video games. He is most comfortable when things are complicated because he really likes to ‘buckle-down’ and problem solve. His beard is very important to him, and has been coined as his signature staple.