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Cleveland firefighter fired for smoking marijuana on the job, failing drug test, city says

From NewsChannel 9: A Cleveland firefighter has been fired after a disciplinary report from the city says she smoked marijuana on the job and failed a drug test.


An incident report says that on July 6th, the firefighter’s supervisor smelled marijuana coming from her.


According to the report, the supervisor also smelled it in her room and around her vehicle while she was on duty.


A reasonable suspicion drug test was ordered by the supervisor.


The report says the woman asked to speak to her Battalion Chief in private.


She told him she was going through a dark time and needed help.


According to the report, that along with past trauma and stomach issues had led to her making a lapse in judgement.


The firefighter denied smoking marijuana on the job, but failed her drug test, according to the report.


The report says she was fired on July 20th.