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Friday, June 12th

The Times Free Press Reports- Cleveland City Manager Janice Casteel upheld the demotion and reassignments of Officer Jeff Griggs and Lt. Steve Tyson

The Times Free Press Reports- Cleveland City Manager Janice Casteel upheld the demotion and reassignments of Officer Jeff Griggs and Lt. Steve Tyson on Thursday, but she cited different policies than those under which they were originally disciplined.  Griggs and Tyson appealed in a May 21 hearing. Casteel’s response came Thursday in the form of separate, seven-page letters. The letters never mentioned the police department policies cited in their disciplinary letters, policies that have not been adopted by the City Council.  Instead, Casteel cites different city documents, including general city personnel policy and the “Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) — General Orders,” a document she has not previously mentioned in the disciplinary records. The language in the General Orders appears to be identical to the police department policy cited in the initial disciplinary letters.  Previously, Casteel told the Times Free Press — and City Attorney John Kimball told the City Council — that the council’s vote to allow the department to apply for CALEA was the same as adopting the personnel policies. CALEA officials told the Times Free Press this is not how the process works — they said the organization develops mandatory police standards but that those must be adopted and enforced by local governments to have the force of law. Attorneys for officers who have recently been fired or disciplined under the never-adopted police policies are questioning Casteel’s ability to do so and saying the city may face some big-money consequences. Casteel’s decision means that Griggs will remain on his patrol division reassignment, which is a demotion from his previous role as a crime scene technician. Tyson was reassigned from the criminal investigation division to patrol. Also From The Times Free Press- Alert residents helped the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department catch three burglary suspects Wednesday.  In a news release, Sheriff Eric Watson said a man spotted a strange vehicle outside a family-owned home on Beeler Ridge Road and saw the front door was open. The man called his father, who went to the residence and called in a description of a white Lexus to 911 dispatchers. The homeowner went inside and surprised three people who had a large duffel bag. All three ran outside and fled in the Lexus, Watson said.  The homeowner pointed out substantial damage to the rear wall, where the electrical service was connected. Detectives found the service disconnected and the wiring to the breaker box cut. They also found damaged, leaking plumbing.  A patrol deputy recognized the vehicle’s tag number and detectives went to an apartment on Georgetown Road where they found the Lexus. Several electrical components were visible in the back seat. They found Chase Richard Rearden, 27, of Hixson, and Glennis Wayne Hicks, 35, and Tabatha Lynn Oliver Hicks, 35, both of Georgetown Road, in the apartment. All three have been charged with aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000. From The Cleveland Daily Banner- CLEVELAND SCHOOL administrators and staff are attempting to resolve traffic tie-ups at Yates and Ross elementary schools in the mornings and afternoons. School Resource Officers Mike Harris and Bobby Ruth have been working with Hal Taylor, maintenance supervisor, on a tentative plan. The plan would have Ross drop-off and pickup traffic enter the campus on Mouse Creek Road and drive through the campus . It would require about 50 yards of paving through a grassy area near Ross School . Yates drop-off and pickup traffic would continue by entering the campus near the central offices  and proceeding to where Ross traffic enters the campus. The Mix104.1 “Great Cleveland Duck Race” is today events starts at 4pm regristration Officer Evie West Public Information Officer Cleveland Police Department reports- The stolen Jeep was recovered last night due to a tip that came in from one of our viewers!  THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!