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Walker Valley High School’s Mike Turner nominated for Administrator of the Year Award

Mike Turner from Walker Valley High School was announced as one of the nominees for The Leadership Playbook 2022-2023 Administrator of the Year. The award seeks to honor individuals in leadership positions who strive to develop other leaders, make people and situations better, and provide a positive example for those they influence.
TheLeadershipPlaybook.com helps athletic departments and sports teams build stronger cultures by developing better teammates and more positive leaders. As part of the online curriculum, the program has hundreds of two-minute video lessons to increase a person’s leadership abilities and develop life skills.
The program was developed by Jamy Bechler, a former college basketball coach and high school athletic director. Bechler is now a professional speaker, team performance consultant, and host of the “Success is a Choice” podcast. He is also the author of five books, including The Bus Trip and The Captain. “We’re thrilled to recognize Mike Turner as an example of not just an administrator, but as a leader,” said Bechler. “Though dotting I’s and crossing T’s are important, it’s always exciting to see someone with a larger purpose than just administering and managing. The best leaders seek to make the people around them better and build a stronger, healthier culture.”
Deserving administrators from across the United States were nominated by their peers, coaches, teachers, community members, student-athletes, and in some cases, even individuals from other schools.
Award winners were announced via Twitter @CoachBechler on June 18, 2023.