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Two restaurants nearly fail inspection after bugs were found in one, and dirty surfaces in another

From Local 3 News: Restaurants in the Tennessee Valley had a great week, there are no failing scores to report. However, two restaurants did nearly fail their inspections.

Tacos El Cunao Mobile Unit in Cleveland and Innside Restaurant on Chestnut Street in Chattanooga both scored a 73.

At Tacos El Cunao — the inspector found bugs inside the flour container. Queso was not marked and the inspector was told it was made three days prior. The front window was left open, allowing flies into the unit. In the refrigerator, the inspector noted the thermometer was not working.  The inspector says the tires on the mobile unit were going flat. A bucket of soap was not properly labeled. According to the inspector the current inspection notice was not posted.

In Chattanooga at the Innside Restaurant, the inspector said the cold water was not working at the sink. A knife that was being used was being stored on dirty surfaces. Food was being held past its date and had to be thrown away. There were no drainboards at the triple sink to help dry dishes. Walls were found dirty, and the floors were in poor repair. The inspector said some non-food contact surfaces were dirty in the back prep area. According to the inspector there was no active managerial control over foodborne illness risk factors.

Last week’s failing score, the La Quinta’s breakfast on Interstate Drive in Cleveland, scored a 95 this week on their follow-up inspection.

If you have a question about a restaurant, hotel, pool or gym — call your local health department.