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Two controversial Tennessee bills have passed

From News 12: Two bills concerning minors passed on yesterday in the Tennessee House. 


HB 1 prohibits children from receiving gender-altering services such as puberty blockers, hormone therapies, or surgical procedures. The bill passed 77-16.


People who received the treatments as minors would also be able to sue parents, guardians, and physicians for authorizing the care for up to 30 years.  Bill sponsors initially included language to categorize parents seeking such treatments for their kids as abuse or neglect, but that section was later stripped from the bill as it made its way through committees.


The bill will officially take effect this summer and give existing patients until March 31, 2024, to cease any gender-altering treatments for minors.


Tennessee House Bill 09, which also passed yesterday, will criminalize public drag shows and cabaret performances where children might be present. The bill deems this type of entertainment as “harmful to minors” when featuring nudity, sexual conduct, or excessive violence.

The first violation of this law will result in a Class-A misdemeanor. Any additional violations will result in a Class-E felony. The bill does have to return to the State Senate for a procedural vote but is expected to pass with Republicans having a supermajority in the chamber. 


Once the bills are submitted to the Governor, he will have 10 days, excluding Sundays, to sign the bill into law. Once the 10-day period is up, the bills will become law, with or without the Governor’s signature, unless he chooses to use his veto power, which seems unlikely. Governor Lee has made previous statements in support of both bills. 


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