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Tennessee considers banning TikTok on public college campus networks

From the Knoxville News Sentinel: Following similar bans in other states around the country, the Tennessee legislature is considering a bill that would block TikTok from public college and university internet connections.


The bill wouldn’t ban Tennessee college students from using the popular social media app, but they couldn’t access it using campus-provided wifi.


Members of the Tennessee Senate Education Committee voted to advance SB 834 on Wednesday. A similar bill in the House will be heard in the House Higher Education Subcommittee. 


The bill targets TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese parent company ByteDance. Government bodies around the country, including the State of Tennessee, have banned the app on government-funded phones and wireless networks over fears that users’ data is shared with Chinese government officials.


In December, Congress banned the app from government devices as part of its $1.7 trillion spending bill. The military previously banned the app because of concerns that it shares users’ locations.