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Tuesday, April 11th

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Tuesday, April 11th, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz. In news today… C

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Tuesday, April 11th, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz.

In news today…

Cleveland State Community College opened a time capsule Monday, 25 years after it was buried on campus. The capsule was buried as part of the college’s 25th anniversary in 1992. It was opened as part of CSCC’s 50th anniversary.  

Cleveland city officials joined CSCC staff and students in opening the time capsule filled with mementos from 1992. The capsule was filled with local publications including the student newspaper, The Cherokee Signal, along with the Cleveland Daily Banner. There were letters from 1992 written to be read by today’s students and the current president, Dr. Bill Seymour. Other mementos included a parking pass and a video tape.

Mayor Tom Rowland and 1992 students Angela Mathis and Tim Shaw joined Dr. Seymour in opening the capsule that they helped bury.

After the opening, a new time capsule that was packed by today’s students, was reburied. It will be opened 25 years from now on Cleveland State’s 75th anniversary.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The Boys & Girls Club of the Ocoee Region recently received an anonymous $100,000 donation. The full amount of the donation was designated specifically to support an expansion project to take place at the Benton Unit in Benton.

Currently, the Benton Unit is operating at full capacity with attendance of over 100 youth per day. With capacity rules set by the Department of Education, any additional youth registering for services are to be placed on a waiting list until new spots open. Historically, the Benton Unit has had a waiting list of 30 to 50 youth.

This donation will continue the organization’s vision for the Benton Unit Expansion. The organization is working to leverage the donation to raise matching funds that will go toward the construction and expansion of a new building at the Benton Unit. This private donor is seeking other inspired investors to follow their lead in supporting the youth in Benton.

If you would like to make a donation to support the expansion you may contact Derrick Kinsey by phone at 423-559-8299 or email at dkinsey@bgcocoee.org.

From the Chattanoogan…

The Tennessee Legislature on Monday approved passage of the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act to bring Internet service to rural areas.

The Tennessee Telecommunications Association called it “a good first step toward making broadband available to more rural Tennesseans.”

“Electric and telephone co-ops serve the state’s most rural and economically disadvantaged regions. The Governor’s legislation will now allow electric cooperatives to play a vital role in bringing broadband to these underserved areas.

The Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act is a signature piece of Governor Haslam’s 2017 legislative initiatives. It is aimed at promoting expansion of broadband into unserved rural areas.

Some of the provisions:

  •      Allows electric coops to provide broadband service separately from their electric power service.
  •      Also permits the electric coops to provide video/cable TV service.
  •      Provides $30 million in grants and $15 million in tax breaks to encourage expansion of rural broadband into areas without access.

TTA represents 21 independent and cooperatively owned telecom cooperatives and independent companies that make high-speed broadband or fiber available to more than 136,000 rural Tennesseans. They have installed more than 12,000 miles of fiber in rural areas across the state.

This has been your local and state news. You can get news anytime by visiting our website, mymix1041.com, powered by Pioneer Credit. From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, this is Jeremy Gault reporting.