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Bradley County Jail receives Tier 1 accreditation

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce the Bradley County Jail was the sixth county jail and 10th facility in the state of Tennessee to receive Tier 1 accreditation. This is above and beyond standard requirements for correctional facilities.


In June of 2022, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office applied for Tier 1 accreditation with the Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI). The accreditation requires local jails to establish a system to aid in the rehabilitation and re-entry of inmates as well as consisting of meeting 22 out of the 25 set operational standards. Bradley County Correctional teams worked diligently to accomplish this goal.


A successful audit was conducted by the state on February 27th, 2023, and Sheriff Steve Lawson received the accreditation in Nashville, TN, on behalf of our Correctional Division, March 8, 2023.