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Bradley County Commission work session recap

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday for a work session.   A resolution on behalf of the Sheriff's Office was presented to autho

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday for a work session.


A resolution on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office was presented to authorize Mayor Gary Davis to enter into an agreement with Dynamic Imaging Systems Inc. to provide software and equipment that allows corrections staff to operate in a paperless environment and increase efficiency. The project will be funded almost entirely by a grant. The resolution will be placed on the agenda of the next voting session. 


Another resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into an interlocal agreement between the County and the City of Cleveland regarding the non-contiguous annexation of roughly 17.5 acres of property on Buchanon Road. The action has been requested by the property owner. The owner is planning to build roughly 80 single-family homes. The County’s Attorney, Crystal Freiburg, explained to commissioners that this action would require the resolution to go through two work sessions before adding it to the agenda of a voting session. 


1st District Commissioner, Daniel Beaty, asked to place a resolution to commit funding of up to $15.1 million to fund the construction of a new academic building at Hopewell Elementary School and to expand the cafeteria on the next voting agenda. 


1st District Commissioner, Mike Hughes, asked to add a resolution to the next voting agenda authorizing the county attorney to follow any and all necessary legal actions in court to stop operations that are currently out of range of the property’s current zoning. The property is located at 440 Old Powerline Road NE.


Finance Committee Chairman and 3rd District Commissioner, Milan Blake, began discussions on the proposed budget for Bradley County Schools. Director of Schools Dr. Cash and BCS Finance Director, Susan Willcutt, were in attendance and gave commissioners an overview of the budget. 


The budget includes a 2% raise for all salaried district employees. The raises are funded by an increase in the district’s funding through the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement funding formula. The new funding model increases per-student funding from $6,850 per student to $7,075 per student.


Other budget highlights include:

-Capital outlay projects — including building improvements, general maintenance, energy payments and safety upgrades

-$2.2 million in funding for land acquisition

-$800,000 for a technology refresh

-$15.1 million for the Hopewell Elementary expansion project


BCS will also fund an elementary school addition at a cost of $4 million and to provide $3.1 million for the local share of the construction of the science wing at Bradley Central High School.


The county will fund up to $1.8 million for the BCHS running track upon completion of the Hopewell project .