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2 Bradley schools briefly put on lockdown after 911 call that later was found to be “misinterpretation”

Two schools in Bradley County were put on lockdown yesterday afternoon after Bradley County 911 received a call with third-party information that there was an active shooter at a TVA site in the North Bradley and Charleston area.


Authorities later said the active shooter call was confirmed to be false.


The Sheriff’s Office said, “Further, it is confirmed this was not a swatting call; simply, a misinterpretation of an industry alarm. The origin of the call was a TVA employee who heard an audible alarm from the nearby Olin Chemical Plant. As a standard practice, Olin Chemical tests all of its alarms on Wednesdays. These alarms include fire, chemical release, and active shooter and are coupled with verbal announcements on speakers.”


Walker Valley High School and Charleston Elementary were put on lockdown briefly as a precaution. However, the lockdown was lifted in less than an hour. 


Deputies searched the area after the call and did not locate any threat or any evidence of an act of violence.