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2022 Election Results

Bradley County:
25,068 people voted in the November 8th election in Bradley County. That is roughly 33.5% of the 74,760 people who are registered to vote in the county.

In this election cycle, more people cast ballots on election day than during early voting.

12,475 people cast their ballot on Election Day, while 12,021 voted during the early voting period. 572 people voted by absentee ballot.

State-wide, Republican Incumbent Governor Bill Lee, cruised to a second term receiving over 65% of the vote. Lee’s Democratic opponent, Jason Brantley Martin, received roughly 32.5% of the vote.

In Bradley County, Lee received 20,405 votes or approximately 82% of the vote to Brantley’s 4,075.

State Senate, District 1 Republican Candidate, Dr. J. Adam Lowe, won over his Democratic opponent, Dr. Patricia Waters with almost 83% of the vote district-wide. The district covers Bradley, Meigs, McMinn, and Rhea counties.

Lowe received 37,724 votes to Waters’ 7,744 votes.

In Bradley County, Lowe received 18,402 votes and Waters received 4,012 votes.

Incumbent Republican Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, defeated his Democratic opponent, Meg Gorman, with over 68% of the vote in the 3rd Congressional District.

In Bradley County, Congressman Fleischmann received over 81% of the vote, with a total of 19,877 votes, to Gorman’s 4,147 votes.

In the Tennessee House, District 24 race, incumbent Republican Dan Howell, who was unopposed, received 15,399 votes district-wide. The District includes part of Bradley County, all of Polk, and Meigs counties.

In Bradley County, Representative Howell received 8,766 votes.

In the Tennessee House, District 22 race, Republican Kevin Raper, who was unopposed, received 12,324 votes. District 22 is entirely in Bradley County.

McMinn County:
In Athens, TN, Larry D. Eaton, Dick Pelley, and Steven Sherlin were appointed as Athens City Council members.

Elected to the Athens School Board was Johnny Coffman, Jacquelyn Abigail Burke Carroll, and Emily Forrest.

Mark Cochran was appointed as Tennessee House of Representatives for District 23.

Lois Preece was elected as Mayor of Niota.

Elected to the Calhoun City Commission was James Randall Duffy and Victor Keith Gregory.

Tony Manney and Mark Ward were both appointed in the Niota City Commission.

Regarding the liquor referendum in the city of Niota, 117 people voted ‘Yes,’ and 92 people voted ‘No.’

Also on the ballot were 4 Amendments to the Tennessee State Constitution. A ‘Yes’ vote amends the State Constitution, and a ‘No’ vote is for leaving the language ‘as-is.’

Amendment 1 also known as the “Right to Work” Amendment, received 77.74% ‘Yes’ votes in Bradley County. Across the state, the Amendment received 69.8% ‘Yes’ votes.

Amendment 2 establishes a temporary line of succession for the Governor should he or she become unable to perform their duties. The Amendment received 73.75% ‘Yes’ votes in Bradley County, while 74.64% voted ‘Yes’ state-wide.

Amendment 3 prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude. 78.8% of those voting for the Amendment, voted ‘Yes’ in Bradley County, and 79.5% voted ‘Yes’ across the state.

Amendment 4 removes a section from the constitution that prohibits religious leaders from holding seats in either house of the state legislature. 65.82% of those voting for the amendment in Bradley County voted ‘Yes.’ State-wide, 63.26% voted ‘Yes.’

In order for these Amendments to pass, a majority had to vote ‘Yes’ and the amendment’s total number of votes had to be over 50% of the total number of votes cast in the Gubernatorial race. According to the unofficial results posted by the Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett, all 4 amendments met this threshold and passed.