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Rubbermaid plant, yarn mill closing in Cleveland

From News 12: A Cleveland Plant has announced they are shutting down.


Newell Brands L-L-C has filed a WARN Notice with the State of Tennessee that they are shutting down a Rubbermaid yarn mill and commercial plant along Overhead Bridge Road.


These facilities will close on December 22, 2o23 and 81 workers will lose their jobs.

In a statement, Newell Brands, the owners of Rubbermaid, tells News 12 that


 “Rubbermaid has decided to close our Cleveland facility and move to a sourced model. We thank our hardworking employees for their many years of service and contributions. Decisions impacting our people and their livelihoods are not taken lightly, and we aim to support them through this transition with comprehensive separation packages and outplacement services.”


We also reached out to the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, who say while losing these jobs is disappointing, they have announced over 2,500 new jobs in recent months, and are confident these employees will find new work.