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Police investigating Cleveland sex offender who messaged minor on Facebook

From the Cleveland Daily Banner: A registered sex offender, who allegedly called the Cleveland Police Department to inform them his Facebook account had been hacked by someone who sent messages to a 13-year-old girl, later admitted he lied and had contacted the juvenile.
According to a CPD incident report, Darrell Kevin Busbee, of Cleveland, left a voice mail message with police on May 25 to report the alleged hacking incident.
However, police said Busbee later admitted “he had been lying and he did send messages to the juvenile.”
“He also admitted that he had already factory reset his phone,” police said, adding Busbee’s mother had provided officers with a “screenshot of a portion of the conversation” between her son and the minor.
According to police, Mr. Busbee told the child she was “pretty and very nice looking.”
“He asked how she felt about that, told her to tell no one and asked how she felt about him,” police said.
The mother of the juvenile was told by police her to “keep her away from Busbee.”
Busbee, 41, was convicted  of child rape in 2002, according to the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. His record lists convictions for other offenses, including domestic assault, resisting arrest and vandalism.
The investigation was ongoing as of press time Wednesday.