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Local News for Wednesday, July 20th

Here is your Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County, Tenn. news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland: In news today… On Tuesday Wholesa

Here is your Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County, Tenn. news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

In news today…

On Tuesday Wholesale Supply Group was named as one of the Top 100 Wholesalers in the United States and around the world by PHCP Pros and The Wholesaler magazine!


– Plumbing and Heating – 45th

– PVF (Pipe, Valves, and Fittings) – 49th

– Companies between $100 million and $50 million dollars of sales annually – 7th 

Overall Wholesale Supply was ranked 82nd in the entire world!!

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

A shortage of bus drivers has been an ongoing challenge for school systems across the state as they prepare for the upcoming school year, and Cleveland City Schools is no different ⏤ its transportation department is looking to hire eight bus drivers.

Hal Taylor, CCS director of operations for transportation and maintenance, said about 40% of CCS students used the bus system during the 2021-22 school year.

These positions are part time with the opportunity to earn multiple bonuses throughout the school year. CCS offers a safety and attendance bonus of $150 each month and a completion bonus of $1,000 at the end of the school year, the district said in a press release.

Candidates can fill out an application at the school bus barn, 4300 Mouse Creek Road NW, Cleveland. Information: 423-472-9576.

In addition to bus drivers, CCS is seeking substitute teachers through its substitute staffing partner, StaffEZ. In an effort to increase substitute numbers in the upcoming school year, CCS has increased its daily pay rate to $100 per day for substitutes with teacher certification, $90 per day for individuals with a four-year degree and $85 per day for other qualified applicants.

To substitute for CCS, applicants must have a minimum of an associate’s degree or may hold a high school diploma and pass a basic skills test. To apply, visit my.staffez.org.

From Local 3 News…

A senior advisor for the Mayor of Chattanooga says the pressure is on to build a new Lookouts Stadium, because without it the “MLB stands to pull the Lookouts from the market.”

Major League Baseball, which has a stake in AT&T Field, which has been the home for the Chattanooga Lookouts on Hawk Hill since 2000, previously signaled it would get rid of the Lookouts’ license because the current stadium is not up to its standards.

Council Member Carol Berz questioned the rushed timeframe of the project.

Berz isn’t against the development, but wants commitment from Lookouts to make a solid plan. She feels the process is being rushed with the vote coming up on August 9th.

Freeman disagrees and says it’s not rushed, they just want to waive a few of the processes including the application, application fee, and review committee.

He says this applies to the city itself and is an unnecessary process.

The new stadium will be built on the old US Pipe site, which is next to I-24 across the Tennessee River from Moccasin Bend. It’s right by the old Wheland Foundry location.

This will be an $80 million dollar project.

There’s no specific study to show what it would cost if the Lookouts left Chattanooga.