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Local News for Wednesday, January 5th

Here is your Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County, Tenn. news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

In news today…

Looking ahead toward 2022, Whirlpool Corporation spoke with 19,000 consumers in 10 countries to find out what influences their decisions when it comes to innovations for the home.

So, what did these consumers discover?  It may surprise you. Instead of stylish, high-tech gadgets, consumers surveyed said they value innovations with purpose:

  • Consumers want innovations that use less energy (40 percent), have a lower carbon footprint (35 percent), and that save time (26 percent) and money (32 percent). 
  • Consumers believe the most important feature when choosing a new home appliance is energy and water efficiency (51 percent).

In addition to choosing sustainable products, consumers are also prepared to take action to reduce their environmental impact. This is a pattern that trend expert Erica Orange calls “enviralmentalism,” where people channel their genuine concerns about the environment into action: 

  • Two-thirds of consumers (67 percent) are reducing or reusing single use plastics, and nearly half (48 percent) want to do this more in the next year, with the same amount wanting to reduce their water consumption. 
  • Almost two thirds (63 percent) are reducing weekly laundry loads, saving water and energy, and 42 percent want to decrease this even further.

Through Whirlpool Corporation’s approach to improving life at home, it has debuted several technologies that are having the biggest impact and helping consumers live more sustainable lives at home:

  • Updates over the internet to connected appliances in consumers’ homes to add new functionality like an air-frying feature for convection ovens.
  • Whirlpool’s Sixth Sense technology uses intelligent sensors to adapt washing machine and dishwasher time and temperature according to the size and type of load, helping consumers save time, water and energy, and lower their bills. 
  • The company’s true ventless heat pump dryer, with one of the highest efficiency ratings in the company’s global portfolio. 

In the future, Whirlpool envisions a smart home ecosystem with a conscience—a mix of traditional and emerging technology home appliances while also protecting against climate change.  

From WRCB Channel 3…

Hundreds of people in the Reliance, Polk County area have been without power for more than 24 hours due to winter weather.

Crews have been on the scene working tirelessly to get power restored as soon as possible.

Aaron Hood, Cleveland area manager for Volunteer Energy Cooperative, said they were putting in all of the manpower they could feasibly and safely get. He and his crews have been working non-stop with boots on the ground since 4AM Monday.

He says the area received three to five inches of snow which turned to freezing rain causing downed power lines, twelve broken poles, and uprooted trees.

Crews hope to have power fully restored by the end of the week.

Also from WRCB Channel 3…

Tennessee officials are appealing a judge’s order that blocked the state’s new severe limits on when public schools can require masks during the COVID-19 pandemic and its ban against local officials making decisions about quarantines in schools.

The state filed its notice of appeal last week in U.S. District Court in Nashville. Judge Waverly Crenshaw blocked the education provisions of the sweeping new law last month while the court case proceeds, saying the law “offers no protection to students, let alone those that are disabled.”

The state filed a motion asking Crenshaw to unblock the provisions during the appeal, arguing that the law provides sufficient accommodations under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

The lawsuit against the state was filed on behalf of eight students who have disabilities and who are deemed by federal health officials as being more vulnerable to serious illness or death if they get COVID-19.