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Local News for Monday, August 1st

Here is your Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County, Tenn. news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland: In news today… A bear was spotted

Here is your Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County, Tenn. news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

In news today…

A bear was spotted by people running through the parking lot of Cheddar‘s on Paul Huff Parkway Saturday night, then by Sunday morning near the Burger King on 25th St. The bear hung around Cleveland and was seen at Bradley Central High School Sunday at 3:30 PM. TWRA wildlife Officer Barry Baird told Mix 104.1 and MixTV.tv that people should not approach the bear and should not feed the bear. TWRA was not planning to take any action and hoped the bear would regain his bearings and leave the area on its own.

Also in news today…

More than 8,000 delegates registered for the 78th Church of God International General Assembly, which took place at the Gonzalez Convention Center.

This is the first time an assembly has been held since 2018 when the Church of God convened in Orlando. Originally scheduled for July 2020 in Indianapolis, the assembly was postponed two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The postponement necessitated a “continuance of governance” action, holding the positions of leadership at the Church of God International Offices in place until elections could be held this week. The General Council, the body of ordained bishops registered this week, voted to allow the past two years to count toward tenures of four of the members of the current Executive Committee.

Despite an equipment failure that caused a delay of more than an hour, the General Council was able to nominate the five members of the International Executive Committee on Tuesday, July 26. Timothy M. Hill was selected to a second term as general overseer. Joining Hill in being renominated to their current positions on the committee were Raymond F. Culpepper to first assistant general overseer and David Ramirez, nominated for a second term as third assistant general overseer. Hill, Culpepper and Ramirez will complete their terms in 2024 for a total of eight years in office.

Two new faces will be added to the Executive Committee. Tony Stewart, pastor of Citylife Church in Tampa, Florida, became the nominee for second assistant general overseer and will serve a four-year term. Stewart’s nomination was followed two votes later in a nomination for Gary Lewis, who was picked to serve as secretary general. 

Also renominated this week were the leaders for the Department of Youth and Discipleship. Serving until 2024 will be Rob Bailey, director, and Brian Yaun, assistant director.

The final set of leaders selected this week who will serve at the International Offices in Cleveland were M. Thomas Propes and John D. Childers, who will be director and assistant director of World Missions, respectively. Propes filled the post of assistant director for the past six years, while Childers has served as secretary general since 2016.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Tim Siniard reports: The Cleveland Regional Jetport’s runway is looking rejuvenated after getting a little work done.

Mark Fidler, the jetport’s director of operations, told the Cleveland Daily Banner the jetport’s runway and taxiway surface markings were restriped July 21.

The process, conducted by the Jermyn, Pennsylvania-based Axtell’s Inc., involved using a paint-removal truck with 24,000 pounds per square inch water jets to hydraulically remove the old paint.

Next month, Axtell’s workers will return to fill cracks in asphalt, as well as apply asphalt sealant around the jetport’s T-hangars, he said.