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Liquor distribution center planned for Cleveland

From the Cleveland Daily Banner: Empire Distributors, a wholesale beverage distributor with four locations in Tennessee, has received a permit for

From the Cleveland Daily Banner: Empire Distributors, a wholesale beverage distributor with four locations in Tennessee, has received a permit for a new site off APD-40 in Cleveland, which among the May building permits issued by the city.


According to the permit issued for the $13 million project at 4300 Cherokee Gateway Boulevard, is named “Project Patriot.” It was issued on May 30, though the application was presented to the Cleveland Department of Planning and Engineering in December 2022.
The permit notes the structure will be a 170,622-square-foot distribution center. Doug Berry of the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce said the facility will be a center for Empire Distributors.
Empire Distributors, according to its website, was created in 1940 in Atlanta, expanded into North Carolina in 1984, and expanded into Tennessee in 2010. It presently has sites in Chattanooga, Maryville, Memphis and Nashville, along with sites in Georgia, North Carolina and Colorado.
The permit does indicate that the development is not in the 100-year flood zone.
The Empire Distributors project is the largest receiving a permit in May, though several others with valuations over $1 million were also issued.
While many in the city have noted that a second Aldi grocery store will be constructed on McGrady Drive, the permit for the structure was not issued until May 8 (following its application on Feb. 21).
The $2 million project, according to the permit, will be a one-story structural steel frame building will fill 20,556 square feet, and will include a loading area, sidewalks and other site improvements. It will be Store No. 110, and will join the present Aldi located on Paul Huff Parkway.
A permit was issued for work on The Caring Place’s new location at 2400 Bower St. SE. Work on the new facility, which will eventually replace The Caring Place’s present location on Wildwood Avenue, has already begun, and some of the structure is already in place.
The project has a cost valuation of $2.5 million. It will be located near the Bradley County Judicial Complex near Blythe Avenue.
The two medical office buildings currently in construction on Stuart Road, just east of the Farmland Modern Living townhomes, will be various dental practices, according to Josh Holder of the Cleveland Department of Planning and Engineering.
One of the buildings will be 10,593 square feet, while the second will be a 6,639-square-foot facility, and total cost valuation on the project is $1 million, according to the permit.
Two permits were issued for the same property at 3000 20th St. NE, Building No. 4, on May 5. Permits show one of the permits for a prefabricated Kirby Building Solutions Metal Building, with a cost at $2.25 million, while the second permit is for footing and foundation for that address, at a valuation of $1.4 million. Both permits are for one building that will encompass 190,000 square feet.
“This is more warehouse work being done by Lynn Jones on behalf of IronCraft at the old Bendix property on 20th Street NE, near the railroad crossing,” Holder explained.
A permit was issued by the city for a “retrofit” of an existing building previously housing the New China Buffet and Grill into a Petsense retail store. Presently, the closest Petsense store to Cleveland is on Congress Parkway in Athens, though there is a Petsense store in Chattanooga and one in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.
Valuation on the alteration of the site at 2332 Treasury Drive SE is estimated at $350,000. Petsense is owned by Tractor Supply Company.
A new sandwich shop also received a permit in May, and will have a familiar name to many: Corkey’s Deli.
Located at 2845 Keith St., the name is for Corkey McGowan, who many will remember owned and operated the Old Fort Restaurant on 25th Street.
“Scott McGowan of the Old Fort Restaurant on 25th Street is creating a new restaurant concept called Corkey’s Sandwich Shop,” Holder said. “It is located in the old bank building just to the north of Arby’s on Keith Street NW.”
Permit for the $24,500 project was issued on May 23, and the signage says it will be named Corkey’s Deli.