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FAFSA fluster forces Tennessee to extend Promise application deadline

From News Channel 9: If you've been flustered by this year's revised version of the federal aid application form known as FAFSA, you're not alone.

From News Channel 9: If you’ve been flustered by this year’s revised version of the federal aid application form known as FAFSA, you’re not alone.


The widespread confusion has prompted Tennessee’s Higher Education Commission (THEC) to push back the deadline for the Tennessee Promise scholarship program to Friday, May 31st.


Families of college-bound students now have more time to finish that form and stay eligible for the state’s tuition-free higher education program.


In a release, THEC says

The decision to extend the deadline comes amid ongoing challenges faced by students and families navigating the college application process and experiencing difficulties due to the federal implementation of the new FAFSA.

This year’s FAFSA form was supposed to be ‘new and improved.’ While it is shorter, applicants have run into plenty of issues.

For starters, the rollout of the form was delayed by months. FAFSA is typically available to students by October 1st.


It was finally available by December 31st, but the online application website crashed.


Here’s a link to that website if you need to apply.


THEC says if you’re having trouble with FAFSA,

  • Reach out to your college advisor or high school counselor
  • Call the THEC/TSAC FAFSA Hotline at 1-800-342-1663
  • Email fafsa.help@tn.gov
  • Contact the Ayers Foundation Trust or tnAchieves