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Chattanooga woman searching for daughter, missing for over a month

From Local 3 News: A Chattanooga woman said her 29-year-old daughter has been missing since the middle of March.


Linda Holbrook said some days she feels like she will see her daughter Lauren Sitz again, and other days she believes the worst has happened.


Holbrook has not heard from her daughter since March.


“She had sent me a text message on March 16th and she told would call me when I got off work. I texted her back when I got home to let her know I was home, and I never heard anything else from her,” Holbrook said.


She continued to call over time, but still has not heard from her. Holbrook then started to become worried.


“So, I went out to where she lives and there was a girl there that said her and her boyfriend had been in a fight and she had left. Well, the girl gave me her number to try to text Lauren, but she never texted me back from that number either,” Holbrook said.


Holbrook said Lauren has lived in the Brainerd area with her boyfriend since October up until she went missing.


She stayed in apartments on Manor Road near Sonic and Speedway.


“She’s about five foot tall, she has real long her down to her knees probably. It is blonde and brown, or the last time I saw her it was. She is blue-eyed,” Holbrook said.


Holbrook misses Lauren dearly and hopes nothings has happened to her.


She said they use to talk once or twice a week, so this is very unusual.


“Just wanting to find her and make sure she’s okay. I have tried everything I know, and I don’t really know her friends anymore. I don’t know where to turn to,” Holbrook said.


Holbrook asks that people contact law enforcement if they know any details about her missing daughter. If you have any information, call Chattanooga police at 423-698-2525.