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Chattanooga Police continue search for armed shooter after stopping CARTA bus on Monday

From Local 3 News: The Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) is continuing their search for an armed shooter after stopping and deboarding a CARTA bus on Monday.


CPD responded to a shots-fired call on Monday afternoon, at the 600 block of Arlington Avenue. The victim says a family member demanded money. When she refused, she says the suspect shot at her.


CARTA says the suspect is a juvenile male.


Witnesses told police he may have boarded a CARTA bus. CARTA dispatch identified a passenger who fit their description, and they stopped the bus on Brainerd Road.


“We were able to stop the bus, deboard all of its passengers, and we began looking for the gunman,” Assistant Chief Jerri Sutton says.


She says they did not find the suspect, and they continue to search for the gunman.


“Anytime you have a call of a possible active shooter or a gunman, in this case, someone who was said to have fired a shot, it is important to ensure the safety of the community,” Chief Sutton says. “We had to make sure that we, A. got the gun out of play, and B. that we secure the safety of everyone involved.”


Sutton says this was a very fluid situation, but their response was not for nothing.


“We’ve seen nationally where guns come into play and people get hurt rather quickly,” she says. “That’s the reason why you see the response.”


She says Emergency Medical Services, Fire, SWAT, East Ridge and Chattanooga Police, and Tennessee Highway Patrol were involved.


“If something happens, we are coming,” Chief Sutton says. “We are coming to save lives.”


Chattanooga Police asks anyone with any information regarding the incident to call 423-698-2525 or submit a tip via the Atlas One App. You can remain anonymous.