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Chattanooga men accused of rape, kidnapping college girl possibly drugged at Nashville bar

From NewsChannel 9: Two Chattanooga men have been accused of kidnapping and raping an 18-year-old visiting Broadway.


The Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) reports the incident took place on May 4 when 36-year-old Joseph Farmer and 27-year-old Trevor Casteel drove off in a Jeep Cherokee with the woman and both sexually assaulted her.


The woman, described as a college student visiting downtown, said she believed she had been drugged at a Broadway bar prior to any interaction with the men. She recalled being sexually assaulted by both men as they drove around in the Jeep and used her credit card at an ATM.


Police were able to track the car using license plate reading technology. The men allowed the woman to eventually use her phone to coordinate a drop off with a friend from Kentucky where she attends college. She filed a report the next day and on Friday night, Farmer was captured downtown following a narcotics transaction.


Farmer has been charged with aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, credit card fraud, and more.


Casteel now has warrants for similar charges as well as three unrelated alleged crimes.