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Bradley County Commission voting session recap

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday for a voting session.   Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis shared with commissioners a letter

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday for a voting session.


Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis shared with commissioners a letter from the City of Cleveland requesting the County to reconvene the Growth Plan Coordinating Committee. The Mayor agreed, and plans to restart the committee. He will present the commission with a resolution and appointments for the Committee in the near future. 


Mayor Davis also told commissioners he is beginning to review all budget requests from departments and officials in the coming weeks. As of now, the requests look to be around $2 million over last year’s budget. 


1st District Commissioner Mike Hughes made a motion that originated from a joint meeting between the Fire and Land Committees. The resolution allows Mayor Davis to deputize anyone needed to negotiate the construction of a new fire department or fire garage. The resolution passed 14-0.


3rd District Commissioner Milan Blake announced the deadline to apply for the state Property Tax Relief Program and the Bradley County Tax Freeze Program is April 5. Citizens needing more information or those who would like to register can contact the Bradley County Trustee’s Office. 


Commissioners had to fill the 1st District Constable vacancy. Darren Brantley, who recently won the primary election and would have taken office after the August elections, was unanimously appointed to the position. Brantley was sworn in by Judge Andrew Morgan during the meeting and will assume the post immediately. 


4th District Commissioner Howard Thompson presented a resolution authorizing the mayor to negotiate a written agreement with the city of Cleveland regarding a proposed Fire Garage. 1st District Commissioner Mike Hughes presented a substitute motion to continue negotiations and table a written agreement with the City. A joint meeting between the Fire and Building Committees will look further into the issue and the original resolution could be placed back on the agenda for the April 1st voting session of the Commission. 


3rd District Commissioner Denny Collins proposed a Resolution opposing the Education Freedom Scholarship Act being debated in the state legislature. The motion passed, with 13 commissioners voting for the resolution, none voting against it, and one commissioner passing on the vote. 


Commission Chairman and 2nd District Commissioner Tom Crye made a motion to submit a letter to local, state, and federal elected officials, along with the state and federal veteran administrations, requesting assistance in clearing the bureaucracy and filling the local veterans home with deserving veterans. Currently, only 21 of 108 beds are filled with 400 on a waitlist. The motion passed 14-0. 


6th District Commissioner Tommy Ledford presented a resolution urging Tennessee’s General Assembly to enact laws to facilitate the nullification of certain federal action and federal overreach to uphold state sovereignty. The resolution passed 14-0. 


The commission will next meet on March 25 at 7 p.m.