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Bradley County Commission meeting recap

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday.


Curtis Sutton, Director of the State 911 Board addressed the Commission to discuss 911 fees. Sutton told Commissioners that the state is looking for ways to fine-tune the current process of fee collection and distribution.


Central to the discussion was a question asked by 7th District Commissioner, Bill Winters. Commissioner Winters questioned why, with 911 fees increasing from $1.16 to $1.50, has Bradley County not seen an increase in the amount of 911 funding coming from the state.


Director Sutton said the Department of Revenue collects the fee and follows a funding model that was approved by the general assembly.


Bradley County received just over $2 million dollars in funding from the state this past year, which is basically a flat revenue stream over the last few years, even as the population of Bradley County has grown and the fee has increased.


Sutton told Commissioners he would take their concerns back to the task force in Nashville charged with improving the funding model. 


The Commission voted 14-0 to ask the county attorney to take steps to convey the property along South Lee Hwy in front of BCHS to the county school board. 


The commission voted 11-3 to not sell or consider the 27 acres at the Urbane Road Recreation Park as surplus.


The Commission did vote 11-3 to surplus and sell the Old Waterville school property on Dalton Pike that is currently not in use. 


A Resolution to rezone property off of Harrison Pike West to allow for the construction of storage units failed unanimously.


The Commission will next meet for a Work Session on September 25th at 7 pm 


You can watch yesterday’s meeting in its entirety at mixtv.tv