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Bills to be considered on the House floor this week

From WATE: Several high-profile bills will be moving through committees and some will be up for a vote on the House floor this week in Nashville. 



House committees will discuss several bills, including a bill to cut the number of seats on Nashville’s metro council in half, a resolution to set up state term limits, a bill to mandate the TBI to process rape kits within 30 days, and a bill to potentially decriminalize small amounts of cannabis. 


The Senate Judiciary Committee will also discuss eight cannabis bills. 




The House Education Administration Committee will hear all bills pertaining to third-grade retention. 


The House Health Committee will hear a bill that amends Tennessee abortion law to allow abortions to be performed under certain medical circumstances. 




The House floor will vote on bills to ban gender-altering treatments for minors and a bill that criminalizes drag shows held in places where children could be present. 


WCLE will keep you up to date on these bills.