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Alabama drivers being asked to add emergency contact to license

From Local 3 News: The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is reminding residents to add emergency contacts to their driver license.


To complete the process, residents can go to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s website and click the emergency contact information tab under services.


Reginal King with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said individuals have to fill out some personal information before being able to add a contact.

“The only thing they will need to know is the person’s name, the relationship, their phone number, and their address,” King said.


King says the process only takes three to five minutes and is beneficial to first responders when arriving at the scene of an emergency.

“If a law enforcement officer or EMT were to come upon a crash and the person was unresponsive or unable to provide accurate information to the first responder, they could simply give the drivers information to dispatch and dispatch will be able to see the person they have designated as their emergency contact information,” King said.


King said this also helps in a case where a person may have a passcode on their phone and are having trouble using it.


He stresses that a person’s emergency contact should know enough about them to better assist first responders.


“That person can provide information such as, hey this person is a diabetic or this person is allergic to certain medications and things to that nature,” King said.