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Woman abducted in Chattanooga and beaten for four days

From Local 3 News: A woman in Chattanooga is being treated for injuries after she says she was kidnapped and beaten for over four days.


On Saturday, just before 10:30 p.m., Chattanooga Police were notified of an assault victim who’d gone to a local hospital for treatment.


Officers say they responded to a local hospital for an assault and were advised of a kidnapping.


Police were advised the victim was held against her will at her ex-boyfriend’s house.


It was alleged that she was abducted from an unknown location on 4th Avenue and taken back to his home. She had been beaten over 4 days and was being treated for her injuries.


Police located the alleged suspect, Charles Caslin, at his residence and spoke with him about the incident. He was subsequently charged with aggravated assault.