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WNBA player Rhyne Howard honored with renaming of part of S. Lee Highway

From Local 3 News: Rhyne Howard, a former Bradley Central High School Bearette and now a WNBA player for the Atlanta Dream, is being honored by Bradley County and her former high school for her professional accomplishments.


In February, Bradley County Commissioners voted 14 to 0, all in favor of honoring Howard by renaming part of South Lee Highway in front of Bradley Center High School and placing signs with the name.


“I couldn’t believe it, somebody just asked me when did I imagine when I was playing here would I come back to have a street named after me and I couldn’t. I was just here enjoying the good times,” said Howard.


Tuesday, it became a reality. Former and current teammates, Bradley Central teachers, and staff filled the high school auditorium as the principal and head coach girls basketball coach spoke highly of Howard.


“What I want you to know is that we got more than just a basketball player here, we got a person who’s very well liked and very well respected and I think her demeanor has won a lot of fans over towards her, she stayed humbled,” Head Coach Jason Reuter.


“Rhyne’s journey serves as a testament, dedication, hard work and perseverance,” expressed Principal Patrick Spangler.


Rhyne Howard Drive is official after a ribbon cutting and unveiling of two signs.


“I’m still taking it in, but to come back and have this accomplishment is everything like not everyone is getting a street named after them,” said Howard.


She has left a mark on Bradley Central and is a role model for the younger generation of female basketball players.


“Being able to be a good role model, not just a role model because I’m now setting the example for this team and the next generation, like my little sister plays here now so coming back and seeing her wanting to follow in my footsteps means everything.”