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Tennessee leads the nation in most stolen guns from cars

From Local 3 News: The Tennessee of Bureau of Investigation reports Tennessee is leading the nation when it comes to guns stolen from cars. The Bureau says it’s a serious issue, impacting public safety in the state.


Cleveland Police Sergeant Russell Fredericks said the vast majority of guns are stolen from cars that are left unlocked because it’s a crime of convenience.


“A lot of what we see is basically targets of opportunity. If the doors are open, they’re checking door handles, people forget to lock their cars, and people leave their guns in their cars. You’re typically going to end up finding several guns if you hit a big enough area,” he explained.


Local law enforcement said the best thing you can do with your gun is to keep it in a locked safe or in your possession because you never want to leave it unattended.

Remember to bring your firearm inside, and make sure you lock your car.