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Tennessee bill would prohibit illegal immigrants from being housed on state property

From NewsChannel 9: A proposed law moving through the Tennessee legislature would not allow an “illegal alien” to live on state property.


The bill, HB1247/SB1151, was recommended for passage Wednesday to the State Government Committee if amended by a subcommittee.


The law states that an illegal immigrant in Tennessee would not be allowed to be housed on “real property owned by this state or a political subdivision of this state.”


If passed, federal funds could be impacted. The fiscal note states that the Department of Education (DOE) could lose federal funds, threatening about $1,293,583,239 in the FY23-24 and subsequent years due to potential violations of federal law.


The bill also says that passage could result in financial penalties on mental health facilities, including the Department of Mental Health.


Exceptions of this law include those incarcerated and additional housing mandatory due to a criminal conviction.


The bill is sponsored by Rep. Dennis Powers (R-Jacksboro) and Sen. Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains).


Also moving through the Tennessee General Assembly is a bill that will consider tracking unauthorized immigrants in the state and allow for residents to report such individuals.