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Cleveland woman who impersonated nurse at Erlanger appears in court

From Local 3 News: The Cleveland woman police say posed as a nurse at Erlanger hospital appeared in court today.


Her case was bound over to a grand jury.


Lydia Brock faces nine charges, including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and elder abuse.


According to an affidavit made by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office on June 25th.


Brock, who was receiving treatment herself, entered two elderly patients’ rooms and began removing IVs and unhooking hospital equipment.


The report says she even began to discharge one of the patients but one of the victim’s family members stopped her.


Cindi Gatton is an independent patient advocate at Pathfinder Advocacy Group.


She works with patients and families helping them navigate issues surrounding health care.


She says its uncommon for people to impersonate professionals.


“Hospitals have a lot of systems in place to assure that only their employees have access to the patients that are being cared for there,” said Gatton.


The affidavit says Brock was wearing a hospital gown while posing as a nurse.


According to staff who spoke with the Sheriff’s Office, Brock had a vile of blood, Fentanyl, Lidocaine, and other hospital paraphernalia in her purse.


She told police that she was a nurse and forgot to dispose of them.


The victims in this case were elderly which plays a role in the case.


“If the patient has any level of cognitive problems they may not be aware that someone isn’t who they say they are,” said Gatton.


Brock had previous encounters with law enforcement.


Police say she’s been flagged in the National Crime Information Center for doctor shopping using 13 doctors.


Gatton says there are ways families can verify hospital staff.


“Individuals will have a badge, and the badge will have their picture on it, it will have their name on it,” said Gatton. “And, if they are licensed professional it will have their designation it. It may say M.D. or R.N.”


Brock was placed on a mental hold following this incident.


She is now out on bond. Erlanger Hospital and the victims families taking legal action.


We’ll keep you posted on her next court appearance.