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Tennessee Department of Health hosting free flu shot clinics across the state

From Local 3 News: Tennessee Department of Health officials say now is the time to get a flu shot, especially before the holidays roll around.

“We are seeing a rise and increase in flu-like illnesses being reported right now,” said Tennessee Department of Health Southeast Region PIO Amanda Goodhard.

Right now, Tennessee is one of the top states in the country when it comes to flu cases.

The Tennessee Department of Health is working to prevent that with an upcoming event this Wednesday.

“We have sites in every single county throughout the state offering free flu shots,” said Goodhard. “Many of these sites have easy drive up options, so all you have to do is roll your window down, sign your form, get your shot, and you’re on your way.”

Goodhard said the ‘Fight Flu ’22’ event comes at the perfect time and encourages everyone to get vaccinated two weeks before Thanksgiving.

“With your flu vaccine, it does take about two weeks for your antibodies to fully develop,” said Goodhard. “This is perfect timing if you haven’t gotten your flu shot already to make sure you get it and you’re ready to go for Thanksgiving.”

She added with flu numbers up compared to previous years, it’s important to not wait.

“When you get your flu shot, yes, you are protecting yourself, but there are also people who can’t get their flu shot,” said Goodhard. “Kids under the age of six months old, people that are severely immunocompromised.”

If you can’t attend the event Wednesday, there are resources in your community.

“You can go to your local health department, call, make an appointment, you can go any day,” said Goodhard. “November 9th and after, your flu is shot is free at every local health department across the state.”