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Cleveland expecting dumping problem to surge as Bradley County landfill prices rise

From the Chattanoogan: Cleveland city officials said they are expecting a surge in illegal dumping as prices to take items to the Bradley County Landfill rise.


Joe Fivas, city manager, said he was advised that the landfill had raised the price for accepting a tire from $1.50 per tire to $10 a tire. Landfill officials said Monday that the tire cost had gone back down to $4.50 per tire.


Mr. Fivas also noted that the cost to dump a mattress at the landfill has gone from $20 to $50. Landfill officials said the $50 rate still stands.


Mr. Fivas said the city is in the process of overhauling its provisions regarding tire storage and hauling. He said some tire stores “have mounds of tires outside.” He said there will be a requirement that they be placed under cover.


For those who haul tires on a regular basis, they will have to display some type of sticker. They will have to post where they obtained the tires and where they are taking them.