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Bradley County’s PIE Innovation Center success story

From Local 3 News: Since PIE Innovation Center opened its doors in Bradley County, the PIE center has been focused on creating successful outcomes in students lives. Luke Neighbors is one of those students. He was able to gain valuable experience in the construction industry and secured a full-time job with a local construction company.


Safety Manager Jason Campbell proudly stands with PIE Innovation Center graduate Luke Neighbors, who was hired full-time shortly after graduating from Bradley Central High School in May 2022. Through the PIE CREW program, Luke was able to gain the technical skills he needed to succeed in the industry, such as reading blueprints, operating heavy machinery, and working safely on a job site. The program also provided him with important soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and a strong work ethic.

Luke finds great satisfaction in his work, not only in creating something physical, but also in helping his community through safe infrastructure. When he’s not working, Luke enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting and fishing. He believes that these activities are essential for connecting with and understanding the natural world.

Luke is now a proud member of the PIE CREW, and is looking forward to a bright future in the construction industry.


PIE Innovation Center helps high school students prepare for the next phase of life. PIE stands for “Partnerships in Industry & Education.”