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Bradley County School Board discusses education grants, physical altercation at Walker Valley High School

The Bradley County School Board met last night.


The family of a student involved in a physical altercation at Walker Valley High School requested the School Board review the disciplinary action taken by the administration. The school board met on Wednesday for a work session to review the case. A portion of that review had to be completed in a closed session and was off-limits to the public because minors were involved.


What we know about the incident is several students were involved in a fight.  After the fight was broken up, the student appealing the decision walked over and struck a student that was being restrained by school officials. The School Board voted 7-0 to uphold the discipline decision by the administration of Walker Valley High School. Third District School Board Member, Teddy Bryson said after reviewing the case he supported the administration’s action.


The School Board also approved a contract with ABM Industry Groups LLC. for custodial services for the PIE Center. The contract amount was $131,622 per year. The motion passed 7-0. 


The Bradley/Cleveland Public Education Foundation’s mid-year report was presented by Lynn Voelz and Nancy Blank. The report contained information about teacher grants, LEAD fellowship, telemedicine, teacher awards, scholarships, and various other targeted programs. The foundation saw $152,500 in project/program major grants and $70,000 in teacher grant funding. 


A report by Melissa Presswood announced the school system has been awarded a $9.5 million grant by the Department of Education for school-based mental health services. Over five years, the grant will fund four school counselors, six social workers, one school psychologist, and a project director for Bradley County Schools. 


The next Bradley County School Board meeting will be held on March 9, 2023.