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Bradley County Commission votes to name road after WNBA player Rhyne Howard

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday at noon for a voting session.


Commissioners addressed several items, including a procedural resolution that gives the state permission to name a portion of the state road in front of Bradley Central High School after former Bearette, Rhyne Howard, who currently plays for the WNBA. The change is not considered a road name change and does not affect the addresses of nearby businesses. The change will be symbolic in nature with signage. The Commission passed the resolution 14-0. 


WCLE’s Ryan Felton caught up with 2 Commissioners after the meeting. Here is what they had to say about the resolution.


The Legal and Legislative Committee also presented several resolutions to the Commission. 


First, the committee recommended the Commission send a formal letter to their legislators regarding departments exceeding their budgets and asking how the county should handle overages. The resolution passed 14-0. 


Another resolution will ask legislators to reconsider the process for awarding broadband grants to internet service providers and the penalties should the provider not fulfill the full terms of the grant. The commission voted 14-0 in support of the resolution.  


The committee voted unanimously to explore the use of DUI reserve funds.  Under the proposal from the Committee, the first $10k for indigent monitoring and the remaining funds will be split between misdemeanor probation and adult drug court. 


Lastly, the committee recommended that the Commission require a fiscal note for resolutions. American Rescue Plan Funds would be exempt.  The Committee feels a fiscal note would provide pertinent information for Commissioners prior to voting.  All Commissioners voted in favor of the resolution.


The Finance Committee will also put forth a resolution authorizing the termination of an interest rate swap agreement with the public building authority of Sevier County. The resolution passed 14-0.


You can watch the meeting in its entirety at MixTV.TV.


The next County Commission Meeting will be held on February 27th at 7:00 PM.