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Bradley County Commission Meeting 10-24-22

During the meeting, County Commission Chairman, Tom Crye appointed a new Recreation Ad Hoc Committee. 7th District County Commissioner, Josh Rodgers will chair the committee. Commissioners – Louie Alford, Milan Blake, and Denny Collins will also serve on the committee. Community Members of the Committee will be Jamie Kyle, Bartlee Norton, and Greg Phillips. Andy Lockhart, the Director of Parks and Recreation will serve as a non-voting member 

County Commissioner Milan Blake discussed the HCI Committee meeting last week and announced that just over $100k will be available during this grant cycle. November 30th is the deadline for grant applications and a workshop for the grant process will be held on November 2nd at 5:00 PM.  

The next meeting of the County Commission is November 7th, at 7 pm.


Coverage of the 10/24/22 – Bradley County Commission Work Session

1 – Call to Order

2 – Invocation

3 – Pledge of Allegiance

4 – Report from County Mayor

5 – Reports from Committees and/or Districts

6 – Agenda Items
no agenda items

7 – Communication from the audience

8 – Announcements

9 – Adjourn