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Bradley County Commission Meeting 09-19-22

Coverage of the 9/19/22 Bradley County Commission Voting Session

1 – Call to Order

2 – Invocation

3 – Pledge of Allegiance

4 – Roll Call

5 – Approval of Minutes

6 – Report from County Mayor

7 – Consent Agenda

8 – Reports from Committees / Districts

9 – Unfinished Business

10 – Approval of the Agenda

A – Resolution authorizing the Bradley County Mayor to negotiate and enter into a subscription agreement for a period of three years with Regroup to public emergency notification software for use by the Bradley CountyEmergency Management Agency.
B – Resolution appropriating $779,272.00 for broadband expansion projects in Bradley County to Volunteer Energy Cooperative as allowed by the conditions and terms of the American Rescue Plan Act.
C – Resolution to dissolve the Healthy Community Initiative Committee and to transfer responsibilities to the Bradley County Finance Committee
D – Resolution to amend Rule 8 of the Bradley County Rules of Procedure regarding meetings of internal standing committees.

12 – Communication from the audience

13 – Announcements

14 – Adjourn