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3 people escape boat fire on Tennessee River near Baylor School Sunday afternoon

From NewsChannel 9: Three people escaped a burning boat on the Tennessee River near Baylor School in Hamilton County Sunday night.


It happened about 8 p.m.


In video posted on social media by the Chattanooga Fire Department you can see the flames completely engulfing the water craft with a fireboat shooting water from the bow.


Battalion Chief Carlos Hampton captured photos from the scene, along with Tyler Thornbury, who was nearby on his boat.


Quint 17, Fireboat 10, Battalion 3 and CFD Special Operations responded to the scene by land. Fireboat 10 fought the flames from the water.


“That boat squad got on scene and got to work,” Hampton said. “Absolutely a blessing to live in a city knowing our first responders will be there quick, fast, and in a hurry. Well done.”

They said the fire started in the boat’s engine and spread after a malfunction with the boat’s carburetor.