The Discussion – Video Podcast


A broadcast of discussions with Interesting, Informative and Fascinating people. The discussions are not scripted.

Dee Burris has exciting conversations with guests such as; Eddie Cartwright, Larry Presswood, Paul Conn, Tom Crye, Tom Rowland, Kevin Brooks, Scott Kanavos, David Myers, Larry Gouge, Hannah Davis, Perry Stone, Dale Hughes, Eric Wilbanks, Hunter Shamblin & Chase Lawson, Gary Ownbey, Harry Johnson & Demetrius Ramsey, Allan Jones, Gwen Shroyer,  D.J. “Falling Waters” Barone, John Stanbery & Franklin Chancey, Amy Wilson, Jerome Hammond, Dick Burns, Brandon Brown, Dan Gilley, Elmer Earls, Todd Gee, Dan Howell, Evie West, Lawrence Cotton, Charles Van Morgan, Peyton Orders, Gary Davis, Richard Hughes, Tim Gobble, Chef Reginald Dwight & Cameron ‘C-Grimey’ Williams, Charlie MacDowell, Greg Kaylor, Beecher Hunter, Diana Jackson & Raymond Brown, Dr. C.A. Kyle, Alpha Combs & Ethan Hurley, John Burns, Jim Hicks & Danny Douglas, Judge Barrett Painter, and many more!

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