Smart Solutions for Smart Factories Expo/CRMA Manufacturers Excellence Luncheon

We were joined by Denise Rice with Smart Factory Institute to talk about their upcoming event taking place on August 11. Learn more online at https://www.peakperformanceinc.com/

Event Details:

Smart Solutions for Smart Factories Expo & CRMA Manufacturers Excellence Luncheon

The manufacturing industry is undergoing its fourth evolution into a high-technology, digitalized, and data driven industry. Manufacturers across the United States are preparing to embrace Industry 4.0 and increase their investment in Smart Factory Technology to maintain competitiveness and improve their operational efficiency so they can thrive in an industry that demands constant change.

The digitalization and associated technologies of Industry 4.0 will positively affect design and manufacturing processes, and ultimately increase productivity and efficiency for organizations that are able to make this transition. The core Industry 4.0 elements that make “smart factories” possible can change the very nature of how manufacturing companies communicate with and meet the needs of their customers.

Join manufacturing professionals and experience leading technology vendors that can provide you smart solutions for improved productivity, quality, reliability, and responsiveness in your production environment. Hear speakers discuss trending manufacturing topics while sharing their vision for the future of manufacturing technology.

​This year’s event will be held in conjunction with the CRMA Manufacturers Excellence Luncheon at the Smart Factory Institute inside the Partnerships in Industry & Education (PIE) Center in Cleveland, TN.