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Remodeling of the Cleveland East Side Ambulance Station completed

Phase one of the remodeling of the East Side Ambulance Station was completed last week with the installation of new furniture for the day room.


Chief Mike Geren stated, “We are excited about the the progress that has been made here to the East Side Station. Mayor Davis has been working on this for quite a while and because of his devotion to our staff, we have been able to complete the first phase of the interior remodeling, along with a new roof. I want to personally thank Steven Shelton of Cleveland Insurance and Steve Hartline of Mix 104. 1 for assisting in the purchase of new furniture for our day room. Because of their willingness to support us, this facility has been turned into a different place and a facility our staff can be proud of.”


Bradley County Mayor, Gary Davis said, “We appreciate both Steven (Shelton) and Steve (Hartline) for the furniture, it was much needed. A special thank you to Brent Winters at Mattress & Furniture Expo for assisting us in making this endeavor a reality.


This remodeling was way past due. We have a new roof on the outside and now have been able to turn our attention to the interior, which includes new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and furniture. It looks great. Hopefully, the personnel that man this station on a daily basis will appreciate and enjoy it.”