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Bradley County Commission recap


The Bradley County Commission met yesterday.


During the meeting, the County Commission declared August 21st as Piper Fowler Day to honor the Cleveland High School student who recently won a wrestling World Championship title in Turkey. 


Road Committee met last week and Commissioner Tim Mason gave a report where he announced that the committee voted unanimously to recommend accepting Bellingham Drive and Wacker Boulevard into the county road system. Both recommendations will come before the full commission for discussion on August 28th.


Also during the meeting, it was announced that Villa Drive will be closed from 9 am to 2 pm on Wednesday for paving. 


3rd District Commissioner Milan Blake encouraged all county residents with dry or contaminated wells to submit applications for water funds. Applications will be accepted until September 30th and will be reviewed at the October Finance Committee Meeting. 


2nd District Commissioner, Loie Alford, presented two resolutions to the commission. The first implements a step plan program for the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office to include grade differential and longevity pay increases. Future Commissions will have the ability to make changes to the program if the need arises. The resolution passed with 11 votes. 


The second resolution presented by Alford gives the Mayor permission to enter into a health services agreement with Fast Access Healthcare, for a term of three years with an additional optional one-year renewal period to continue to provide inmate health services for the Bradley County Jail and Workhouse. The annual contract is for $1.6 million dollars.


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Both resolutions passed.


1ST District Commissioner Mike Hughes presented a resolution authorizing the Mayor to negotiate and enter into a contract for an initial three-year term with one additional and optional three-year renewal period with Credit Bureau Services, Inc to provide medical billing services for Bradley County EMS. Credit Bureau Services will charge a service fee of 6.50% of monthly EMS billing collections. 


The resolution passed. 


7th District Commissioner Bill Winters made 3 separate motions to accept the Legal and Legislative Committee’s recommendations to the commission. The first resolution invites the City of Cleveland to join the County in submitting a letter to the local Legislative Delegation requesting the Department of Revenue provide collection information, growth, and payout information for 911 funds.


The 2nd resolution splits the current standing internal Emergency Services Committee into two committees- one for EMS and one for the Fire Department effective September 1, 2023 


The 3rd resolution invites the City of Cleveland to join in submitting a letter to the local Legislative Delegation requesting permissive authority to establish a 2,3,4,5, or 6-year reappraisal cycle


All three resolutions passed. 


The next work session of the Country Commission will be held on August 28th, at 7 pm. 


You can watch the meeting in its entirety at MixTV.TV