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Bradley County Commission Meeting 05-01-23

5/1/23 – Bradley County Commission Voting Session


During the meeting, Mayor Gary Davis 

Gave the Commission a Septic Repair Program Update – 198 projects are in process, 11 sewer hookups have been made, 71 permits have been issued, 61 projects have begun, and 25 projects have been completed. 

Finance Committee Chairman and 3rd District Commissioner, Milan Blake presented a budget amendment that the Finance Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the full commission. The amendment allocated $10k to contribute to the purchase of a service vehicle for the Bradley/Cleveland Community Service Agency. The groups’ upcoming budget requests will be decreased by that amount. The amendment passed 13-0.

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office requested to retire K-9 Deputy Joker. Joker was the K-9 Officer shot in the line of duty and was the inspiration behind Joker’s Law. Joker’s current partner Eduardo Choate will assume responsibility for the care and costs of the K-9 Deputy. The Commission voted 13-0 to allow Joker to retire with his handler. 

The Commission also congratulated Srgt Keith Edwards, who will be retiring soon from the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office. The Commission voted 13-0 to have his service weapon released to him upon his retirement after 40 years of service. 

The Commission will next meet for a Work Session on May 8th, at noon.