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Bradley County Commission Meeting 04-18-23

The County Commission met yesterday for a voting session.

Mayor Gary Davis gave an update on the Septic Repair Program. 188 properties are in the program. 58 permits have been issued, 54 contracts have been signed, and 19 projects have been completed. 

Finance Committee Chairman and 3rd District Commissioner, Milan Blake made the announcement that the Bradley County Fire Department received a $26,000 grant from Fire House Subs to purchase new thermal imaging cameras for the department. This is the 2nd grant the County has received from the Fire House program. 

Commissioners discussed the need for a three-way stop at Kile Lake Lane and Kile Lake Road but ultimately voted to send the project back to the Road Committee for further consideration after Road Superintendent, Tom Collins voiced his concerns and suggested a traffic study be completed before making the intersection a three-way stop. 

The commission did vote 13-0 to change the name of “BlackFox Road. Right now, BlackFox is one word, the change will make Black Fox two separate words to be consistent with the way the Black Fox community identifies itself. 

Lastly, a PILOT agreement between the Industrial Development Board of Bradley County, the City of Cleveland, and Duracell was passed 13-1. Duracell will pay over $111,000 over six years. The agreement includes a commitment from the County to assist with the cost of a pedestrian crosswalk if needed for Duracell employees. Duracell will spend approximately $25 million on improvements to the Mouse Creek facility and the project will create 25 new jobs.

The Commission will meet again on April 24th at 7:00 PM for a work session.