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Bradley Central Mock Crash – Watch The Full Video


Presented by the Bradley County School system in collaboration with the Bradley County police and fire department, the Bradley Central Drama Department created a mock car crash with an accompanying short film. The video follows a group of teens getting ready for prom, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. The students end up without a designated driver, leading them to drive under the influence. The friends end up in a deadly car crash, ambulance sirens wailing and people screaming as actors get wheeled away in body bags. The film even goes so far as to show the aftermath of a situation of this nature, showing grieving parents and the trauma and guilt of the survivors.

Drama director Lindsey Bell, the creator of the PSA, and Bradley County Fire Chief Shawn Fairbanks joined Mix. 104.1 to talk about why they decided to create this short film and what they want to come of it. This mock crash took so much work and preparation that, for the last three years, it is counted as a class for the participating students. With the phrase, “one quick decision can change your entire life” in mind, Bell wanted to create a piece that reflected that. With the first segment of the video only being 18 minutes long, it shows how easy it can be to make a mistake that could ruin the rest of your life (in this case, driving under the influence). The second half of the film reaches an hour long, going back to the lasting consequences of your decisions. Fairbanks recollects how many crashes he’s seen or heard of under these circumstances, experiences which have led him to inform and protect others from a similar fate.

Driving while inebriated, whether it be alcohol or drugs, is an incredibly dangerous choice to make, something that could be so easily avoided. No one ever thinks something will happen to them until it does, and then it’s too late to do anything about it. The purpose of the mock crash is to show students a realistic example of what could happen if they end up in similar circumstances. Hopefully, everyone will be safe this prom season and keep these thoughts in mind. One drink or “hit” behind the wheel could permanently alter the rest of your life, as well as others, forever. Stay sober this 2023 prom season and never drive under the influence.