Don Ledford Apple Pie Contest

DLAC Apple Pie ContestHow to Enter

  • Return the registration form (available at Don Ledford Chevrolet) prior to May 18th to guarantee your spot or click here to register online.
  • Bring (2) identical pies to Don Ledford Automotive Center between 9 am and 11 am on Sat., May 25th.
  • Judging begins at 11 am.

Call Kyle Johnson at (423) 476-1191 at Don Ledford with any questions. The event is open to the public, all day. Join us for a family fun weekend!


  • Appearance- 10%
  • Filling & Crust- 40%
  • Overall Flavor/ Taste- 50%

Rules & Regulations

  • The contest is open to anyone wishing to bake an apple pie.
  • Only Double Crust apple pies will be accepted.  Crumbles, Crisps, Betty’s or Pan Dowdy’s will be allowed.
  • Pie must be checked in by 11 am on contest day- May 25th, 2013.
  • No other fruits may be added.  Juices are okay.
  • Pies that need special handling, refrigeration or heating elements are not allowed.
  • Entries cannot contain raw/uncooked eggs.  This includes whites or yolks.  Egg must reach 160 degrees fahrenheit to be considered cooked.
  • Bake pies in disposable pans only as pans will not be returned.
  • Pies will be scored on appearance, filling & crust and overall flavor/ taste.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top (3) pies.
  • Official contest judge’s ruling as to eligibility will be final.

Following judging, pies will be sold to the crowd.  All proceeds will be donated to Cleveland Youth Sports.  Non-contest pies are happily accepted for raising donations.