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Wednesday, January 8th

Here is today’s news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

In news today…

On Tuesday, January 7th, at 3:19 a.m. Cleveland Police Department officers responded to a business alarm at American Defense Company at 2559 Georgetown Road.

When officers arrived, it was evident that a vehicle had crashed into the storefront, causing an immense amount of damage. Further investigation revealed that several firearms were taken during the burglary.

As of yet, the store owner has not completed an inventory check to reveal the exact number of firearms stolen.

The vehicle, a silver Dodge Ram, which was stolen earlier in the night from Forest Grove Apartments on Blackburn Road and used in the burglary, was recovered at a business on Westside Drive in Cleveland.

Anyone with information on the suspects involved in these crimes or the crimes committed is urged to leave a confidential tip via Cleveland Police Department Facebook inbox or call the investigator directly, Detective Brett Taylor at 423-559-3392.

From WRCB Channel 3…

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond was notified that one of his correction officers was arrested this morning.

Samuel Bruns, was arrested by the Chattanooga Police Department for multiple charges including burglary of a business and vandalism.  

As of news time, Bruns was awaiting to be booked into the Hamilton County Jail. 

Samuel Bruns was hired on May 28, 2019 and has been placed on Administrative Leave pending the outcome of an ongoing Internal Affairs Investigation. 

Investigators say the incident occurred while Samuel Bruns was off duty.