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Village Help

We were joined by Dale Smith (Coach Valley) and Heather Quagliana. They are part of a new organization called Village Help.

Phase 1 is a movement therapy center for kids facing life challenges. The concept is to have mentors that can work with the kids during movement sessions.

The goal is to launch in September, they are looking to raise $12,000. You can get involved by reaching out to (804) 695-7758 or visit them online at https://www.villagehelp.org/

More Information on Village Help’s mission:

Village Help is a mentorship program focused on providing youth with help through hyper-positive mentors. A lot of kids are overlooked and struggling to find where they fit in today’s world. They are not inherently bad, but rather lack guidance. They often do destructive things when they are suffering emotionally and mentally. Hurting people often hurt other people.

As a community, we need to ask ourselves, what we can do to help this segment of society? These young people seek to find love and acceptance, even if it means being part of a toxic environment. We believe in building people, not jails. Village Help is focused on connecting these kids with mentors who guide them through movement, life skill training and therapy. This mentorship program will provide improved mental health from caring adults, who are getting kids more active. Our goal is to produce a generation of youth who are confident and equipped with skills to lead active lives and have a bright future.